The memecoin that’s all bark and all bite! While the crypto zoo has been filled with cats, birds, and even hamsters, the time has come for our beloved DOGE to take the leash.

Ho Ho Ho! Its the Squidmas Season!

The Original Memecoin,  & #1 Blue-Chip Meme on

About $DOGE

DOGE has been chilling in the doghouse, watching the crypto world chase its tail over the endless litter of SafeElonFomoMoonRocket coins. These pseudo-memes have had their walk, but now it’s time for the most tail-wagging meme of the galaxy to take over the walkies.

DOGE is here to make the memecoin space a dog park again. Quietly unleashed with no premine, no taxes, the LP tokens are burnt and the contract is renounced, $DOGE is a bone for the people, from now until forever. Powered by the spirit of man’s best friend, let $DOGE lead you on the walk of a lifetime.


Half the Tokens for Deflationary Impact through Buybacks and Burns

$SQUIDMAS token implements a unique tokenomic strategy that embraces deflationary principles. By allocating half of the $SQUIDMAS tokens for this purpose, the protocol engages in regular buybacks and burns, creating scarcity and sustainable value for its holders. This innovative approach ensures a dynamic ecosystem for $SQUIDMAS, driving its potential as a revolutionary token in the market.



Total Supply



Buy Tax



Sell Tax



Launch of Doge token on BSC.

Community Giveaways

Meme contests and giveaways to come.

Marketing Plan

Marketing and influencer promotional plans on Twitter and Telegram.


Youtube, TikTok and Instagram collaborations with top influencers.

CMC & CoinGecko

Coinmarketcap & CoinGecko listing.

How to buy $DOGE ?

Create a MetaMask Wallet using either a desktop computer or an iOS/Android mobile device. That will allow you to buy, sell, send, and receive $DOGE

Have WPLS in your wallet to switch to $DOGE. If you don’t have any WPLS, you can go to Pulse Chain Bridge ( and swap some ETH for WETH and then swap your WETH for WPLS .

Connect to Pulse Exchange. Go to inside your Metamask app. Connect your wallet. Paste the $DOGE token address into Pulse Exchange, select DOGE, and confirm. When Metamask prompts you for a wallet signature, sign.

You can start swapping as soon as you have WPLS available! Press ‘Select a currency’ and enter the $DOGE token address: 0x9CC7437978255e2c38B0d3D4671fb9AC411a68aC

Join the Doge Community

Come join the Doge on Pulse Chain community. We are growing fast, we don’t bite and there’s something for everybody. Follow along, chat on Telegram, or read up on what we’re up to. The $Doge community is strong !

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